Monthly Challenges

Join our monthly Cadre Commitments for bite-sized challenges! We offer a printable checklist to help you build healthy habits. Together, let’s make positive, lasting changes in our lives.
Copy of Cadre Commitments July
July: Music
5 ways to enjoy music in your daily life.
commitments june
June: Networking
5 ways to make connections this month.
commitments may
May: Motivation
5 ways to make moves this month.
commitments april
April: Take Action
5 ways to take action in your life this month.
commitments march
March: Mindfulness
5 ways to practice mindfulness this month.
commitments february
February: Fun
5 ways to find something new and exciting to enjoy this month.
commitments january
January: Joyfulness
5 ways to experience joyfulness in the new year.
commitments december
December: Goal Setting
5 ways to kickstart your goal-mindset this holiday season.
commitments november
November: Gratitude
5 ways to personally experience and outwardly express gratitude this month.
commitments october
October: Organization
5 ways to organize your space and your mind so you can lead a more productive and decluttered life.
commitments september
September: Self-Care
5 ways to work on YOU this month. Commit to yourself by taking the self-care journey. It’s time to put yourself first.