A Fork in the Road- The Mental Health Crisis

“I think I have anxiety.” 

Does this voice mutter in your mind? You aren’t alone. 40 million adults in the US have an anxiety disorder. For almost 7 million their excessive worry lasts more than 6 months, happening more days than not. 50% of 18-24 year olds report depression or anxiety symptoms.

And while these numbers might not surprise us anymore, sadly, this one might.  

More than 60% of people do not seek treatment for their anxiety disorder.

I’m not the best at math but that’s a significant gap between those with anxiety and those receiving help for anxiety. This is a cultural problem. One that deserves our attention as we see people come to their own personal fork in the road in the larger mental health crisis. Let’s break it down. 

There are three choices at the juncture we face. Do it on your own, get professional help, or do nothing. 

A lot of us try to do it on our own. 

We go to social media; TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and other social platforms for mental health resources and connection. Studies show that during stressful situations, social media can be an important tool to seek and share mental health information and cope with the stressors. But like anything else, while some of these resources are excellent, some leave a lot to be desired. Whatever the algorithm throws your way has the power to impact the action steps taken next. That’s a risky roll of the dice. 

For the minority of individuals who do seek out professional assistance from an MD or mental health professional, the road can be long. They may start individual therapy, learn new skill sets, take medications, and develop a plan for a better tomorrow.  This plan takes resources, money, courage, support, and access to the aforementioned professionals. Whew. It’s a lot of energy and it takes TIME. Time we don’t have when our anxiety happens more days than not. When 50% of us have symptoms that hurt. Time that we are suffering in the in-between. 

And then there is what data tells us is the most popular option: do nothing. Keep trucking. Figure it out. Wait for it to get better. Suck it up. Deal with it. All the things our culture tells us we should be able to do in the face of adversity. But it’s not working,so here we sit. 

The fork in the road is the difficult reality we are faced with. 

This is why we developed Cadre. 

Cadre is designed to support all areas of our mental health and desire for connection. Led by vetted peers and expert professionals in their respective niches, The Cadresphere, as we call it, is a space where content and community are woven together so when you approach the fork in the road, you can courageously and curiously march forward with autonomy and support.

Looking for perspectives and resources on mindfulness, anxiety, substance abuse, trauma, depression, relationships, food, sleep, and more?  We got you. 

Want to join an expert-led livestream on grief and loss because you are feeling that too? We got you.

Want to listen, watch and comment with other individuals who serve as caregivers and ways that they cope? We got you.

Feeling stuck in your career and finding it difficult to explore goal setting, a roadmap for the future, self-discovery of your purpose and want to learn from experts who are invested in you? We got you. 

In a world where cost and access prohibit most Americans from connection and information, we are solving for this with an open door to vetted peers and respected professionals. Organizations of every size are seeing their employees standing at the fork in the road and are asking the same thing: How do we help our people “feel better” at scale?   

Well, when you find yourself and your employees at the fork in the road…journey onward. 

Welcome to the Cadresphere.