Can You Make It Rain Harder?

“Can you make it rain harder?”

The famous last words before Prince walked on the stage of his infamous Super Bowl halftime show in 2007.

100 million TV viewers
100 thousand in the stadium
4 “live” electric guitars
2 dancers with 6 inch heels
Enough electronics to make Emmett “Doc” Brown blush (Google the reference if you have to)

AND, an unexpected monsoon-like rain pouring from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Miami that made for hellacious conditions.

Big event for any performer (to say the least) under perfect conditions, but how do you pull off a stunner under these conditions?

The director huddled the team together and said, “I think we may have to call the halftime show for safety reasons”.

The team talked for awhile and determined it should be Prince’s call.

The Director then called Prince about 10 minutes before he was set to perform and explained the conditions, the risks, and what they were up against. True game time decision.

His response, “can you make it rain harder”

With a big smile, the director said, “right on”, back to Prince and he instantly knew they were in for it.

The rest is history and turned out to be one of the most magical sets ever performed at a halftime show in super bowl history (link in comments). I’d argue, one of the best 12 minute performances against any live show, ever. Just wait for purple rain at the end, in those conditions. Off the charts.

What an incredible life lesson for us to take in from the musical genius from Minnesota.

What happens to your mindset when a storm hits in your life?

Do you run from it? quit? give up?

Or, do you stick through it, reluctantly with your BMW’s (bitching, moaning, whining)?

Or, do you show up like Prince, “What Storm?” “can you make it rain harder?” (smiling)…or, what the navy seals call full benefit. Boy, did Prince receive the full benefit that night, and thanks for sharing with the world.

How are you turning the negative monsoon(s) into some of your most memorable life experiences/events?