January Blues: Cultivating Gratitude with Cadre

Amidst the season of excess, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays and the intentions we’re bringing into the new year. This year, let’s embark on a journey of self-reflection and mindfulness with Cadre and discover the transformative power of gratitude.

The Pressure of Excess:

The holiday season often brings an avalanche of expectations – extravagant gifts, lavish feasts, and picture-perfect moments. Our consumerist society reinforces the idea that we need more in order to be happy, successful and fulfilled. The idea that what we’re looking for is outside ourselves. It seems like everywhere we look, there’s an ad. It can be easy to step outside ourselves and focus on the next big purchase that we’re convinced will finally bring us all of the love and joy we seek. Cadre encourages us to recognize and navigate these expectations with a mindful approach, and reminds us that what we’re searching for lies within. 

Try This!

 48 hour rule:

 Instead of purchasing something as soon as you see or think about it, write down what the item is and how much it costs. Think about whether or not you really need that item & if it’s really worth your money. What value would this truly add to your life? Check in 48 hours later and see iIf you still want the item, or if the appeal has worn off. 

Gratitude as a Counterbalance:

Amidst the chaos, gratitude acts as a powerful antidote. Practicing gratitude allows you to shift your focus from what you lack to what you have, fostering a positive mindset. Conversely, It can be really easy to feel overwhelmed, even guilty about the many blessings the season brings. When you reflect on that new I phone you got, shaming yourself for being fortunate helps no one. Using gratitude constructively looks like writing down or saying out loud the things you’re grateful for. 

Try This!

  • Practice implementing “and” when you’re dealing with conflicting emotions.
  •  Ex. Im grateful for my new I phone “And” I feel guilty not everyone has the same opportunities. 

Connection and Community:

The holidays are a time for connection, yet the feelings of excess can sometimes lead to isolation. Engage in Cadres supportive community, consciously consume intentional content that supports you on your journey with health and wellness. 

In the season of excess, Cadre emerges as your ally, guiding you through the practice of gratitude. By practicing mindfulness and gratitude, you can navigate the holidays with a renewed sense of joy and purpose. Let Cadre be your companion on this transformative journey, helping you cultivate a mindset of gratitude that extends far beyond the festive season. Together, let’s celebrate the true essence of the holidays – a time for connection, reflection, and the appreciation of life’s simple pleasures.