Cadre: Ka-dree [def] A Group of People Trained for a Particular Purpose

Who Are We?


We are IMPACT OBSESSED, and we believe it all starts with community.

Through community, you create change. Through personal connection, you can problem solve. People are at the core of what we do, and we’ve scoured the country to bring vetted wellness experts together to make a change.

Our hope is to impact not only individuals; but households, small businesses, and large corporations. Our mission is to inspire people to discover their potential, unite communities and ultimately change the world.

What is our Goal?

Cadre stands for Connection, Authenticity, Diversity, Respect, and Engagement.

Those are our core values and those are the words we live by in our company.

When we launched we realized that the world was, and still is, ripe for healing. Burnout is beating ALL individuals and ALL employees down. By launching our App, we’re giving everyone immediate ACCESS to the help that they need around the clock.

The lasting benefit we will have ranges from everyone who craves help behind closed doors, to those who put wellness at the forefront of their daily practice. We don’t see our solution as short term, we see it making a difference for the long haul having long-lasting effects.

The goal is to humanize the digital space and we know that if we can change even one life, the ripple effect will have monumental impact. We’ve already won with the feedback from our members!

Why Cadre?

Launching an innovative, accessible and authentic App in the wellness space is a massive undertaking. Doing it completely bootstrapped is almost unheard of in the tech space. Most apps are racing to market with venture capital dollars, selling information and putting privacy at risk, and are worried about ROI for investors in an over-saturated, under vetted marketplace.

The Cadre team is doing it differently. We’re focused on our own investment dollars and sweat equity. We’re tirelessly scouring the professional market to find the best of the best wellness experts to deliver real-life, authentic information, hundreds of hours of content, 24/7 accessibility, and daily livestreams. We’re not dollar driven; we’re change driven. We provide inspiration in a shame and stigma-free environment, and we do it with our hearts first and foremost.

We’re building a business based on our own journeys with mental health struggles, substance use exposure, and other niche areas of wellness expertise. We’re using our personal experiences as the bridge to REAL change for people who may not otherwise know where and how to get help, starting with an almost million member EAP contract slated for implementation in early 2023. And that’s just the beginning.

What is the impact of launching a company like this for current and future employees at Cadre?

We’ve created not only a workplace for our founding team and 25+ coaches in their respective expertise of wellness, but a safe space for them to share and lean on each other. We’re a family. We’ve often found ourselves troubleshooting for the business on zoom calls or over the phone, and the next thing you know we’re using our own coaching, professional practices and leadership skills to help each other internally. We eat, sleep and breathe wellness not only externally for our users, but internally for each other.

The culture of our company is pure authenticity, and it oozes from every single person on our team. As we’ve continued to grow and new people have joined, we’ve made it a company practice to explain our WHY behind joining Cadre, and it’s a beautiful way to start off on a healthy, communicative foot allowing everyone feel safe and welcome. It’s our way of showing where our passion meets our purpose.

We not only continue to hire and add to our core team, but we also contract collaborators to contribute to our app giving us an even bigger digital presence and offering a wide array of topics in all areas of wellness.

Our plan for growth is exciting and we hope to serve as the next Beatles of wellness content in the digital space.

Cadre is the first of its kind wellness platform built by real people with lived experiences all through the bootstrapping mentality of developing our content and our own platform, and the ability to serve hundreds of thousands of people through the US. We take often stigmatized and difficult to discuss topics and bring them to the forefront of our platform, so individuals and businesses are never without guidance, inspiration and a safe space to consume. Nothing is more bold than helping and healing through real life scenarios and no one does it the way we do. We’re looking forward to changing the way companies and individuals seek wellness and we believe wellness should never wait.

There’s nothing the world needs more right now than Cadre.

Hope this helps you gain a better understanding of our “why” and our commitment of time, energy, money, and love behind this endeavor we are so passionate about.

Come join the journey with us!

Luke Wendlandt Founder