Tales of Leadership: Adaptability

Are you adaptable?

Adaptable to what? Social situations, leadership, fun excursions, organizational changes, life changes, rules, parenting, relationships, decisions, friendships, to name a few.

Adaptability comes in all shapes and sizes.

Being adaptable is easy with others when you “win” and when things go your way.

Bigger question, how do you show up when they don’t?

  • are you adaptable to change?
  • does your ego get in the way?
  • are you trying to “prove it” rather than “solve for it”?
  • do you shut down and only focus on A versus finding a B?
  • are you able to see through your own bias?
  • are you able to strike fear?
  • can you find common ground?
  • can you relate to others feelings?
  • are you able to empathize with different view points?
  • can you disagree and commit?
  • can you see over your own experiences and look into others?
  • do you smile or live in sorrow?
  • can you find progress through imperfection?
  • how do you deal with changing expectations?
  • can you cope when conditions change?
  • do you lose sight of your emotions?

In watching hundreds of colleagues, recipients, clients, co-workers, friends, other leaders over the years in the health and human services field and with the organizations I love so much, the one trait I admire most from others is adaptability.

Those that are adaptable seem to be more mindful, innovative, happy, courageous, open minded, inspiring, and looking to try new things.

I also believe that lack of adaptability (top down) is a root cause of trouble in many organizations.

Remember, adaptability is not just a skill, but also an attitude.

Choose adaptability.